Dead Sea Mud Mask

Dead Sea Mud Mask
Product Description


From the far away seas in Israel, comes this mineral infused super mud mask that does it all. Therapeutic in every way, this mud mask is the perfect fit for all and any skin concerns you have. Even if you don’t have skin concerns (lucky you!), this mask will detox and brighten your face instantly for a clean, soft glow.


Detox, Exfoliate : Draw out toxins + impurities = Squeaky clean, fresh skin feel

Nourish, Hydrate : moisturize + balance oiliness = Perfect for all skin types

Eliminate, Minimize : blackheads + shrink pores Smooth, unblemished skin

Reduce, Prevent : acne + breakouts = Blooming, spotless, clear skin

Promote, Protect : cell regeneration + signs of aging Youthful, tightened skin

Transform : dull + uneven skin tones = Luminescent, silky soft skin

It deep cleanses the skin, eliminating toxins and dirt including pollution, grime, germs etc. This clarifies blackheads and whiteheads, tightening pores.

It’s high mineral content also tones skin, balancing uneven, dull skin. This mask soothes and hydrates skin, balancing out moisture and oil. Perfect for all skin types.

Naturally rich in Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium, Dead Sea Mud helps to regenerate and replenish skin, reducing signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and spots. Skin elasticity is increased by supporting the natural repair process tightening loose skin. Your face is left with a youthful, smooth finish.

It’s hydrating properties ensure maximum hydration for your skin, making it softer and leaving it with a photo-ready, luminous finish.

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