Daily Face Cream With SPF 30

Daily Face Cream With SPF 30

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If you’re the kind of person likely to say, “Ain’t nobody got time to put on both a face lotion and a separate sunscreen with enough SPF!” We got you covered (literally). Even if you’re not, you’ll love this time-saving, wallet-saving, skin-saving product.

This two-in-one face crème is incredibly hydrating and deep moisturising. Perfect for daily use. Added benefits of SPF 30 with broad UVA/UVB protection ensures that your skin is protected from harmful sun rays too! Plus, you get total coverage without working too hard.

A botanical blend of aloe vera, lemon, sandalwood, licorice and masur. This daily face crème softens, invigorates and deep moisturizes skin. Lightweight and non-greasy for a matte finish, making it ideal for all skin types. Advanced formula protects and restores skin while leaving it refreshed, nourished and radiant.

Ideal for summer, ideal for winter. Ideal for oily skin, ideal for dry skin, ideal for all skin.